Spring Flowers and Other Nature Observations

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This portion of the Shediac municipal trail crosses different environments and offers a beautiful botanical diversity. On this date, it is possible to see in bloom several shrubs such as: caliculated cassandra, Canada honeysuckle, malodorous gadellier, long-billed hazelnut, alder-leaved viburnum and herbaceous plants of the undergrowth such as: red cohosh, boreal clintone, northern lady's-slipper, boreal trientale, etc. Other plants that can be identified include the Christmas fern, the witch hazel shrub. The role of the rain gardens along the trail can also be discussed. 2km walk. After the walk, interested individuals can drive 2 km to see a nesting raft of Common Terns in Shediac Bay and observe nesting behaviour from the walking trail.

Kids welcome!

05/06/2021 from  9:00 AM to 12:00 PM