Le Blitz international de suivi du monarque 2020

 L'inscription est close pour cet événement.
Surveillance de l'asclépiade pour les œufs de monarques, les chenilles, les chrysalides et les papillons entre le 24 juillet et le 2 août.

Nature NB is inviting New Brunswick's monarch advocates to participate in Mission Monarch's International Monarch Monitoring Blitz, from July 24th to August 2nd.

Mission Monarch, a joint initiative of the Insectarium – Montréal Space for Life and the Institut de recherche en biodiversité végétale, is a citizen science program aimed at gathering data on monarch and milkweed distribution and abundance. During the International Monarch Monitoring Blitz, participants throughout North America use Mission Monarch's observation sheet to survey milkweed patches in their area. Data gathered in any and all milkweed patches is welcome, whether they be wild or cultivated (including non-native milkweed species). 

Nature NB's goal is to get as much of New Brunswick's milkweed and as many of our monarchs on the map as we can this year! By signing up for this event, you are commiting to participate in the blitz by surveying at least one milkweed patch during the blitz period. The milkweed patch can be wild, or garden grown, and surveys can be done in small groups or individually.  After the blitz, data can be submitted directly to Mission Monarch by creating an account through their website, or your completed field survey form and pictures can be sent to Nature NB and we will submit it for you. 

You can find more information about Mission Monarch here: https://www.mission-monarch.org/mission-monarch-blitz/


juillet 24th, 2020 12:00 AM à août 2nd, 2020 11:59 PM